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Terms of Service

General terms
Welcome to Open Classroom Team's website (including Open Classroom as an educational platform, and Close Companion as an IoT and robotics platform, hereinafter referred to as Open Classroom commonly). Your use of Open Classroom and Open Classroom services means that you agree to the following terms (Terms of Service). If you do not agree, please do not use Open Classroom and Open Classroom services.
We may change or adjust the Terms of Service. You should regularly review the Terms of Service every time you access Open Classroom. If you continue to use Open Classroom and Open Classroom services after we have made adjustments, you are agreeing to our new Terms of Service.
Your rights and responsibilities
You have the right to register for an account that corresponds to your username (or the person you sponsor) for free. You are committed to providing accurate information upon registration and taking full responsibility for such information. You are responsible for protecting your password and any login performed by you. You also undertake not to share an account with multiple people, unless with the consent of Open Classroom Team.
When using Open Classroom, you commit not to:
  • Publish information that violates the law
  • Slander or insult the reputation of organizations and the honor and the dignity of individuals
  • Publish pirated images or content
  • Advertise products or services that are not from Open Classroom Team or our partners
  • Send spam messages or spread malware
  • Perform destructive acts against Open Classroom infrastructure or services
Our rights and responsibilities
You agree that we reserve the right to modify our services without prior notice. You also agree that we reserve the right to correct or delete the information you provide to ensure it is registered in accordance with Open Classroom regulations. We reserve the right to refuse to publish information on Open Classroom if we feel the information provided by you is not reliable.
You agree that we will not be liable for any damages resulting from the lack or inaccuracy of information on Open Classroom, including direct, indirect, incidental, or arising consequences of your access or your using information on Open Classroom.
You agree that we are under no obligation to provide any special assistance and we reserve the right to revoke any suspicious access at any time without prior notice.
You agree that we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently prevent your access to Open Classroom if you take action that damages Open Classroom or violates the Terms of Service.
Providing and using content on Open Classroom
The learning materials offered on Open Classroom are subject to a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, unless otherwise noted in the copyright notice for those materials. You may copy, use, or modify our BY-NC-SA license materials with attribution requirements and redistribute your work under the same license. You may not use learning materials on Open Classroom for commercial purposes, such as printing books for sale or uploading them to your website for business without the consent of Open Classroom Team.
When creating learning materials on Open Classroom, you agree that the work you create will be under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license and you are entitled to be credited as author. You also undertake not to use images or content of unknown origin or that are not resources under an open license. If you find any copyrighted images or content on Open Classroom, please let us know, we will remove the images or content when you provide us your ownership evidence.
Content from other sources
Open Classroom may include links to other websites or Internet resources. As we do not control these external websites and sources, we are not responsible for their content, and therefore are not liable for advertisements, products, services or any other materials that are available on these external websites or sources.
Handling violations
We reserve the right to limit or terminate providing services to any individual or any organization that violates the provisions of the Terms of Service. We also reserve the right to take necessary legal actions against any acts that would harm the interests of our customers, employees or partners.
Right to change the Terms of Service
We may amend the Terms of Service according to our business requirements or change of law without prior notice to users. Any changes to the Terms of Service will be updated on this page, so please visit this page periodically to ensure you are always aware of our latest Terms of Service.
Applicable laws
You agree that all activities on Open Classroom must comply with the provisions of the laws of Vietnam and the international laws to which Vietnam is a signatory. When a new law goes into effect, it will apply to all members and users of Open Classroom.